…60 years of Twinkle is fan of Katappa!

Twinkle Khanna's daughter took revenge for calling 'Katappa'!

May 16, 2017

Although after getting National Award for ‘Rustam’, there is talk of Akshay Kumar on every side, but his wife, Twinkle Khanna, is fun on anyone else. In fact, since Twinkle has seen ‘Bahubali 2’, she has become fan of Katappa.

Twinkle is mentioning Katappa in each of her tweets and also made Katappa at her ‘crush’.

The extent has come when Twinkle called her daughter Nitara to Katappa.

Well, daughter Nitira herself took revenge for being called a Khatappa. Nitira write the age of twinkle 60 years in her school event form and in this form she also wrote that mother works on computer all the day.

Although later, Twinkle also clarified that her daughter is only 4 years old and can not write all this and this is probably the handwriting of the daughter’s teacher.

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