…about the last day of Rajeev? … Oh my God! …came to my mouth! … this looks like Rajiv!

PC Alexander, Principal Secretary of Indira Gandhi, wrote in his book 'My Days with Indira Gandhi' that within few hours of Indira Gandhi's assassination, she had seen Sonia and Rajiv fight in the corridor of All India Institute. Rajiv was telling Sonia that the party wants me to take oath of office as prime minister. Sonia say no. 'They will kill you too' Rajiv's reply was, "I have no choice. I will be die anyway! Those words spoken by Rajiv after seven years were proven correct!

May 22, 2017

On May 21, 1991, at eight o’clock in the evening. Congress veteran Maragatham Chandrasekhar was waiting for Rajiv Gandhi’s arrival at Meenabakkam airport in Madras.
Shortly before when Rajiv Gandhi was getting ready for Madras from Visakhapatnam, the pilot Capt Chandok found that the communication system of the aircraft was not working.
Rajeev left for the Guest House but then the Flight Engineer of King’s Airfalls, corrected the communication system.

The crew of the aircraft immediately contacted Rajiv with the police wireless and Rajeev came back to the airport to go to Madras. His personal security officer OP Sagar, running in the second vehicle, stayed there with his weapon. The aircraft flew for Madras at half past six.

Rajiv himself running plane. The plan landed in Madras at 8:20. He sat in a bullet proof car and left for Sriperumbudur with Maragotham, Ramamurthy and Moopanar.

At 10:10 Rajiv Gandhi reached Sriperumbudur. Ramamurthi first reached the stage. After meeting the male supporters, Rajiv turned towards the women. Only then, a thirty-year-old black girl had a necklace of Chandan in her hand moved towards the Rajiv Gandhi. As soon as she touched his feet and resulted a deaf ear piercing blast.

At that time, a song was being sung in honor of Rajeev … Rajiv’s life is our life … If that life is not dedicated to Indira Gandhi’s son … then where is that life?

At that time barely ten yards away from it the correspondent of the Gulf News, at this time the local editor of Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore, Nina Gopal, was talking to Rajiv Gandhi’s associate Suman Dubey.

Nina recalls, “I did not even talk to Suman for two minutes that the bombs exploded in front of my eyes, I usually did not wear white clothes, that day I used to wear a white sari in a hurry. She looked towards her sari who had become completely black and had pieces of flesh and blood sprinkled on it. This was a miracle that I was saved. All those standing before me were killed in that blast.

Nina says, “before the bomb blast, there was a voice like a cracker like a pat-pate.” Then there was a big hush and a bomb with a loud bang exploded. When I went ahead I saw the fire on people’s clothes. The people were screaming and the stampede was going on all around. We did not know whether Rajiv Gandhi is alive or not. “

When the smoke finish, the search for Rajiv Gandhi started. One part of his body was lying down. His skull had exploded and his magaj had erupted on the feet of his security officer PK Gupta who was waiting his life’s last minute.

‘This Looks Like Rajeev’

Later, GK Moopanar wrote in one place, “as soon bomb blast the people started running all around, there were corpses buried in front of me.” Rajeev’s security officer Pradeep Gupta was still alive, he looked at me, some bubbles and last breath in front of me, as if he wanted to hand over Rajeev Gandhi’s security to someone.

Jayanti Natarajan was also on a distance from Moopanar. Later, she also told in an interview, all the police ran away from the place. I was looking at the dead bodies, with the hope that I would not see Rajiv in them. First, I saw Pradeep Gupta …and there was a head lying in front of the ground on his knees  … Oh my God, came to my mouth … this looks like Rajiv.

On the other side, Nina Gopal went ahead, where Rajeev was standing a few minutes ago.
Nina says, “I went as far as I could go, when I saw the body of Rajiv Gandhi, I saw his lotto shoe and saw the hand on which the watchwas tied. At a while ago, when I was taking a interview of Rajeev in the car and Rajeev was sitting on the front seat and the clock tied in his wrist was repeatedly coming in front of my eyes. Where Rajiv was lying dead a part of the red carpet was burning.

Inspector Raghavan, who was present there, overwhelmed the burning carpet by jumping over him. Then  Rajiv Gandhi’s driver came to me and told me to sit in the car and get away from here immediately. When I said that I would stay here, he said that there was a lot of problems here. We went out and went behind the ambulance to the hospital where Rajiv’s dead body was being taken.

How Sonia got the information?

At 10:25 a deep silence was at 10  Janapath. Vincent George, private secretary of Rajiv, had left for his Chanakyapuri residence.
As soon as he entered the house, he heard the phone bell. On the other end one of his acquaintances told that a very tragic event has been associated with Rajiv in Madras.

George fled backed to 10 Janpath. By then, Sonia and Priyanka had also gone to their bedroom. Sonia summoned George to intercom but George was talking to P. Chidambaram’s wife Nalini in Chennai at that time. Sonia said that till they did not complete the talk she would hold the line.

Nalini confirmed that there was a blast to targeting to Rajiv’s, but George did not have the courage to give this news to Sonia. The telephone bell rang again at 10:50 pm.

Rasheed Kidwai writes in the biography of Sonia, “the phone was from Madras and this time the caller wanted to talk to George or Madam at all costs.” He said that he is from the intelligence department. As George asked him about the Rajeev, there was silence  for five seconds …then George screamed  ..why do not you tell me how is Rajiv? …they are no longer in this world replied from the man and the telephone line gone dead.

George shout fleeing towards Sonia’s room.  Sonia came out, wearing nightgown as she realized that something has happened.

Usually calm George had never before such action. George said in a shaky voice, “Madam there has a bomb attack in Madras.
Sonia asked to see his  eyes, “Is that alive?” George’s silence told Sonia everything.

Rashid says, “after this Sonia went weep and 10 Janpath’s walls heard Sonia crying for the first time. She was crying so loudly that the voice was heard clearly heard outside the guest room where the Congressmen were gathering. Rajya Sabha MP Mim Afzal was the first to reach there.

He told me that the voice of Sonia’s crying was being heard outside. At the same time, Sonia suffered a severe attack of asthma and she became almost unconscious. Priyanka was looking for her drug  but she could not find him. She was also trying to console Sonia, but she was not affected by this.

Suddenly, Priyanka took the situation in control. Turning towards George, he asked, “Where is my father right now?”

George replied to them, “They are bringing him to Madras.” Priyanka said, “Please help us reach Madras right away.”

There was a call from President Venkatraman. After expressing the condolence, he asked, “Will it be wise to go to Madras at this time?”

Priyanka said that we would like to go Madras at once. TN Kaul mthe former India’s foreigner secretary took them in his car and reached the airport. They took three hours to reach Madras. During the entire flight not a single word was talked. Only Sonia’s weeping voices were coming in.

When they arrived in Madras, there was only darkness. As soon as Sonia saw Rajiv’s old friend Suman Dubey there, she started weeping to him. But she could not see the dead body. She could not even see it.

They were told that the body was in such a bad condition that it could not be collect properly. They only saw two coffins kept. In one, Rajiv’s body was kept and in the second, his security officer Pradeep Gupta.

Here, Priyanka’s tears came out for the first time when she realized that she would never see her father anymore.

Javier Moro, another biographer from Sonia Gandhi, writes in his book ‘The Red Sari’: “At that time Sonia did a job if Rajiv was alive, she liked it.” She noted that nothing was kept on the coffin of Pradeep Gupta, she got up and raised a garland of mogra and put it on him with her hands. “

To investigate this case, a special investigation team under the leadership of CRPF’s IG Doctor Dr Karthikeyan constituted. In a few months, seven LTTE members were arrested for the murder. Chief accused Sivarasan and his associates ate the cyanide before being arrested.

Dr. Karthikeyan said, “you can say that our first success was to meet those ten photographs with the camera of Hari Babu. We gave advertisements in the newspapers and received a toll free number for information from ordinary people. We got a total of three four thousand telephone calls, every call was taken seriously. We started raids all over and soon we started getting success. “

I will die anyway

A few days later Sonia Gandhi expressed her wish that she wants to meet Nina Gopal.
The people of the Indian embassy called me in Dubai and told me that Soniaji wants to meet me. In the first week of June, I went there. Sonia was asking, how was Rajiv’s mood in the last moment and what was his last words.

“I told him that he was in good mood, was excited for the victory in the election, she was constantly weeping and holding my hand. Later I came to know that she had asked Jayanti Natarajan about me that the girl from Gulf News Meena (Where’s the place of Nina), Jayanti was coming to come towards me, only then there was a blast. “

PC Alexander, Principal Secretary of Indira Gandhi, wrote in his book ‘My Days with Indira Gandhi’ that within few hours of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, she had seen Sonia and Rajiv fight in the corridor of All India Institute.

Rajiv was telling Sonia that the party wants me to take oath of office as prime minister. Sonia say no. ‘They will kill you too’ Rajiv’s reply was, “I have no choice. I will be die anyway.

Those words spoken by Rajiv after seven years were proven correct.

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