Couples in live in relationships do marry till the end of year? …otherwise?

Many unmarried couples in Burundi say that they do not have money to marry!

May 27, 2017

The people who are living in live in relationships in Burundi are in tense because this drama will not followed by the next year.

Living together without marriage couples in Burundi are ordered to marry before the end of the year, otherwise its legal consequences will have to be suffered.

Terence Tathiaraja, spokesman of the country’s home and education ministry, says that this will prevent the rapidly growing population in the country.

He said that due to such relations schoolgirls are getting pregnant at a young age and the men are living together with several women.

President of Burundi has recently launched a national ethics campaign to promote ethical values ​​in the country. President says that unmarried couples should show their love for the country for doing marriage.

In 2015 in Burundi, when President Nkuruzhiza announced to contest the presidential election for the third time then protests began and many people were killed.

It is not clear what punishment will be given to the unmarried couples but a local farmer told the news agency AFP that he does not have the money to get married and a government official has told him that if the child will born without marriage, the free education or free medical services will not be allowed.

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