6 sixes in six ball! …the days may be gone! … because the bat will changed its dimensions!

Cricket bat is changing! ...now numbers of sixes can be drop!

May 19, 2017

An Indian surgeon based in the UK researched the design of the cricket bat whose goal was to make the balance between the ball and the bat and now it will be used from October 1 this year.

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Expert Orthopedic surgeon of sports injuries, Chinmay Gupte led the team of Imperial College in London who was researching cricket bats.

The Marylebone Cricket Club is going to implement the results of this research. Gupte said, “In the last 30 years, the number of sixes in cricket has increased, the design of the bat is like this that instead of the ball the bat is have power. But this new design will bring balance.”

Under the new rule, the thickness of the side of the bat will be less than 40 millimeters and its total depth can not exceed 67 mm. Born in Pune, Gupte is the son of Maharashtra cricketer Madhukar Shankar and is a professional cricketer who has played for Middlesex and Gloucester.

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