Enjoy holidays with small pocket and without visa!

If you are fond of roaming and you have a plan to holidays abroad, then in these countries you can go without a visa!

May 19, 2017

If you are fond of roaming and you have a plan to holidays abroad, then in these countries you can go without a visa.


Macau is a special area of ​​China and belongs to its administration. It is one of the richest cities in the world. It is famous for tourism, restaurants and specially for casinos. Indians can visit there without a visa

Hong Kong

After Macau, Hong Kong, which is coming into the administrative territory of China, is also a great tourist destination. You can also visit there without a visa.


The relations of Nepal and India are very old and friendly. Indians can visit Nepal without passport and visa. You will not have much money to hang around here.


It is a beautiful country surrounded by mountains and the relations of India and Bhutan are also very old. It is famous for the beautiful temples of ancient temples and nature. Here Indian can roam the rest of the visa.


Jamaica is located on the Greater Antilles and it is an island nation. It is a beautiful place for tourists to visit. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this country is located approximately 190 km west of Haiti, about 145 km south of Cuba. Here you can roam without visa. Here will not put too much weight on the pocket


It is a land country located near the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by small and beautiful coastal shores, the Maldives can stay for 30 days without a visa.


Cambodia is one of the most beautiful countries of Southeast Asia. Earlier it was known as Compuchia. The most beautiful place for Indian tourists. The ancient Khamar civilization here is associated with the Hindus. You can also roam without a visa here.

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