…from Nikaah to Triple Talaq?

If the nikaah can not be done without the wish of woman then how can a divorce be done without her wish? This was the question that induced the author Achla Nagar to write the story of India's superhit film 'Nikaah' on triple talaq!

May 19, 2017

If the nikaah can not be done without the wish of woman then how can a divorce be done without her wish? This was the question that induced the author Achla Nagar to write the story of India’s superhit film ‘Nikaah’ on triple talaq.

Before the ‘Nikaah’ the film’s name was Talaq Talaq Talaq.

About 35 years ago, the same controversy had arisen over the film as it was about to raise the issue today. From this film, Pakistani actor Salma Agha had started her career in Bollywood. Raj Babbar was the hero and Deepak Parashar was the co-star. It was shown in the film how Tripla Talaq bring a storm in a woman’s life. Despite not being a strong starcast, the film was a super-duper hit.

In 1982, under the direction of BR Chopra, the name of the movie ‘Nikaah’ was first named Talaq Talaq Talaq. But somebody had already registered the Talaq Talaq Talaq  for his film.

Film writer Achlala Nagar explains how a actor Iftikhar had also quipped on it, Achala said, “He said, “well done Chopra, you did not named the film Tilaq Tilaq Taluq .. then if we asked our wives to see the film talaq talaq talaq … then we would get divorced before watching the movie. “

Achala said that the film was not created by keeping any religion in mind, but it was meant to show that the woman should also be considered as a human. But even then the dispute went up. Achala said that “on the fourth day of the release of the film, someone posted a poster in the Muslim-dominated area of ​​Bhindi, that the film is against the religion, the fatwas were issued, then the maulvi were called overnight and the movie was shown them.”

The film created darnas  in India and Pakistan

There were darnas held  regarding the film, not only in India but in Pakistan too. Many places, its release was banned. Some maulanas say that divorces showed but Halala was not told. “

Achala Nagar says that after the release of the film, not only India but many women of Pakistan had thanked her for writing this story.

Achala told that many Muslim women had reached to meet her in Dhule near Nashik. A Muslim woman said that her professor husband had broken his relationship with her because she was  unable to feed on time. Then the other had divorced his wife on  phone. After seeing the nikaah, she was able to see her pain in this film.

Farah against triple talaq after watching the film

Omar Khayyam Saharanpuri the mamu of Supreme Court lawyer Farah Fayz who is fighting legal battle for the triple talaq since January 2016, worked as a consultant for religious affairs for BR Chopra’s film nikaah.

Farah says, “at that time I was eight years old, then there were about 20 cases on the film, 15-20 of the  fatwa had been brought by my mamu themselves, from this point onwards the issue was discussed. I am fighting against this issue today because my mamu was also fight for the same people which I had seen from the childhood.

In other movies like Amitabh Bachchan’s Saudagar, triple talaq have also been shown, but as a sensitive issue it was raised in this film.

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