…owners got the immediate bails, but 28 goats waiting for release since last 18 days!

Although the owners of the meat shops were also caught with them but they got immediate bail! However the 'custody' of these goats did not end! They are waiting for a court order for their release!

May 16, 2017

There is a news that the police of Ranchi district are worried about some goats these days! These goats have been in police custody since last 18 days. The police had recovered them from meat shops. Although the owners of the shops were also caught with them but they got immediate bail. However, the ‘custody’ of these goats did not end. They are waiting for a court order for their release.

Indeed, Ranchi’s SDO Bhor Singh Yadav had raided two shops of meat located on the Katahal Mode on the morning of April 26. They also caught 28 goats with the shop owners. After this the Police of the Police Station filed a report in this case and started the paperwork.

AK Singh, in-charge of the police station told that in this case, the report has been written in the animal cruelty act and some other sections. Therefore, they can not leave these goats without order of the court.

However, there is no place for goats in the police station and neither the police is expert for the care of goats. So, after being kept in the police station one night, they were handed over to a young man. So that they can be properly monitored them. AK Singh told that the court had asked for information about the health of these goats. The police had submitted the report to the court.

So these goats are ‘arrested’ and they will have to take ‘bail’. Deepak Bharti, senior advocate of the Jharkhand High Court said. “They can not call them arrested.” actually, they have been seized because they are live, so the court can order the release of life stock for them. Whether it is possible to give these goats to an NGO, which is looking after the animals, because they have been caught by the meat shop.

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