…how Lalu Yadav kicked the poverty?

How many politicians seated their simple domestic wife to a chief minister seat? ...and how many politicians seated their below normal educated sons to deputy CM and minister's seat? ...I think this kind of rear case will not be available in the history of world politics!

May 18, 2017

From Himalaya to Kanyakumari …everyone know about Lalu Yadav! Lalu has become famous due to his political activities or notorious because of the scandals! …I do not have a motive to debate on this! The motive is to mention some of the various aspects of their identification so as to get a little more information about Lalu Yadav for the new generation.

How many politicians seated their simple domestic wife to a chief minister seat? …and how many politicians seated their below normal educated sons to deputy CM and minister’s seat? …I think this kind of rear case will not be available in the history of world politics!

This very popular Bihari leader of Indian politics is now 68 years old. Born in a poor family in Fulvaria village of Chapra district.

Rashtriya Janata Dal

The father of two sons and seven daughters. Passed BA and LLB from Patna University. Almost forty years ago, during the JP movement, emerged as students leader.

Then his star turned and he became the chief minister of Bihar in 1990. Separated from the Janata Dal, he formed his party under the name ‘Rashtriya Janata Dal’.

Everything was going well in the life of Lalu but the billions of rupees of the fodder scam suddenly busted.

The second term of the governance had not even passed yet that Laloo Prasad, who was stranded in the fodder scam, had to go to jail for some time.
Since then, for eight to nine years, Laloo Yadav kept his wife Rabri Devi as chief minister and continued indirectly ruled the state.

Lalu-Rabri Raj

During that time, many rounds of difficulties came. The problem of law and order, especially the rise in kidnapping incidents made the stain of being a chaotic state on Bihar.

The plight of electricity, roads and health services spoiled the image of Lalu-Rabri Raj. But, with the support of Muslim-Yadav’s solid support base and other backward castes, Lalu managed to keep his electoral strength in some way. Although this cycle could not last long.

The anger of the fifteen years of Lalu-Rabri regime, converted to strength by the Nitish-BJP alliance and they defeated Lalu.

Laloo ki leela

But look at the politics of the game that Lalu Yadav played and with one time his strong rival  Nitish Kumar, he again re-captured the power of Bihar.

Took a son to minister and second son to be the Deputy Chief Minister. But now it is alleged that by using the ill-use of his power, Laloo Yadav took the 1000 cr in name of his sons and daughters through an anonymous transaction.

Now the Income Tax Department is collecting evidence by putting raid on the their related premises.  So people say that Laila’s Leela is great!

Prior to entering politics, Laloo, who is considered to be a simple villager and poor man, has now come under the category of billionaires, including his family.

Such multicolored and contradictory personality or leader of the such character will hardly be another in this country.

The common people of one of his kind, who always put fingers to billionaires, had become billionaires, the common people still on surprised.

One side the obsessive support and the other side hatred opposition of Bihar’s people towards him also surprised the world.

Speaking loudly in favor of caste-reservation, social justice and secularism is his politics.

Whether Lalu was in power or in opposition, whether in disputes or in public dialogue, Lalu always remains in the headlines!

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