If you change the color of whatsapp! …your mobile data will be stolen?

Do you want to change the color of whatsapp on your mobile?

May 19, 2017

Do you want to change the color of whatsapp on your mobile? Think twice before accepting this kind of invitation! This kind of message is being circulated worldwide via mobile phone!

This is a website whose logo is like whitsapp – just the difference is color. The actual color of whatsapp is green, while its color is blue. If you will tempted to change the color, your phone will be infected with the virus!

This scam works like this

The first is to be asked to verify on the web. In order to do this, the user has to send this URL to at least 12 people or seven groups of Whatsapp.

After doing this, the link is said to activate. Immediately after this, a message appears: The new Whatsapp color is for desktops only applications. After this, the user has to install the Google Chrome extension ‘Blackwhats’.

The particular thing is that this fake website opens only on mobile. This is called pishing and its purpose is to steal the user’s personal data through telephone or email.

Check the web address well – .org does not guarantee that this website will be official. So be careful while opening it. Do not download suspicious extensions. Be sure to get a message to force it to be shared with other people.

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