…know how they counts the population of elephants?

Age of elephants is estimated from their height. Generally adult male elephants have a height of up to eight feet and female elephant height is seven feet!

May 24, 2017

It is easy to count even if human beings  but how hard would it be to count the number of such animals, which changed their location in every hour.

Here we are talking about the largest animal elephant in the forest, whose population is being counted in the Indian jungles these days to assess population.

Calculation of humans in India done by every ten years but elephants are counted in every five years.

Professor Raman Sukumar, who has studied elephants in India, told that four different methods are being used this year to count elephants. For the first time, an indirect method is being adopted for elephant counting. This method is being adopted for five years. The first was tried in some states of the south, but this time this  is being used all over the country.

First method

All state governments have been ordered to prepare a digital map so that the number of elephants present in the forests and those outside them becomes easier. In which gardens elephants were present and where they damaged the crops, the number of elephants would also be judged.

Overall, the effort is to bring the existence of elephants to the geographic information system.

Second method

This is a traditional method. Under this, a team of two or three people is formed and they are allocated an area of ​​five sq. Kms. These teams prepare records of elephants age and gender. These teams also draw photos of elephants.

Age of elephants is estimated from their height. Generally adult male elephants have a height of up to eight feet and female elephant height is seven feet.

Third method

is indirect method of calculation. In this method, meditation is on the scat of the elephant. According to experts, an elephant scat 15-16 times a day.

It is guessed about the movement of elephants and  their healths. According to Professor Sukumar, this is a simple mathematical formula for assessing the number of elephants and this method gives a rough estimate of elephant population in the last three months.

Fourth way

Teams of two or three people are also made in this method. These teams are deployed near water sources from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Here also the record of age and gender of elephants is prepared.

Movement of elephants is also recorded here. Professor Sukumar says about this method: “It is not important for us to get a real number.” In the calculation of a large number of elephants, numbers can be back-and-back. How many male and female elephants in the jungles and their reproductive capacity are more important for us. “

Generally, the number of male and female elephants in the birth of elephants is almost equal. But on aging, their proportion becomes two or three females on one male. It is believed that male elephants are considered weak.

In 2012, elephants had a population between 29,391 and 30,711 in India. Whereas in 2007 it was 27,657 to 27,682.

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