…know about the 5 powerful women of the world of science!

We are talking about the five women whose love with science is not limited to experiment and research. Their enthusiasm established them in the role of leadership and ability to make decisions!

May 20, 2017

These are some women who are known for their success and influence. Their impact did not decrease with the moment but was quite effective.

We are talking about the five women whose love with science is not limited to experiment and research. Their enthusiasm established them in the role of leadership and ability to make decisions.

They are leading the most important institutions in the world of science. These women are a living example of the fact that science is also the result of strategy, collaboration and dialogue. You also learn about these five powerful women of the world of science!

Fabiola  Gianotti, Italy

In 2014 the British newspaper The Gordian termed Italian physicist Fabiola  Gianotti as ‘the woman with the key to the mysteries of the universe’.

Fabiola  Gianotti led the Particle Physics in 2016 in the world’s largest science center in Switzerland, European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Fabiola was an important physicist in this center since 1994. She was a spokesperson for Atlas in the Large Hadron Collider from 2009 to 2013. She put this thing in front of the world why there is a wide range of particle in nature.

Christina Figueres, Costa Rica

When asked Christina how she loved science, she said that nature was her first home. Christina said that nature is still her first home. Christina is anthropologist and she is the daughter of Figueres Ferrer  who had three times President of Costa Rica.

Christina was Executive Secretary of the Framework Convention on Climate Change in the UN in between 2012 to 2016.

Christina led the climate change conference in Cancun in 2010, Durban in 2011, Warsa in 2013 and Lima in 2014. Christina had an important role in the historic climate agreement in Paris in 2015.

Kiran Mazumdar- Shaw, India

Due to his contribution,  Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is not an admirer of the world of science
In 2010, America’s important magazine Time gave her place in the yearly ranking ‘Time 100’ among 100 influential people in our world.

Because of her contributions to biotechnology, she was given a place in the category of heroes. In 2014, Kiran has been named the most influential woman in Asia-Pacific in Future Magazine.

Kiran was born in India. She is the founder and president of Biocon. This company does research in the field of biotechnology.

Gwynne Shotwell, USA

American magazine Forbes ranked Gwynne 76th in 100 powerful women in the world. She was the only woman in the list of construction and engineering in this list.

Gwynne’s expertise is also in Applied Maths. She is the President of SpaceX. This company works on space technology. The emphasis of this company is to reduce the expenditure especially in space transport.

Margaret Chan, China

Chinese physician Margaret Chan has worked on the antibiotic. Chan warned about diseases like gonorrhea. She is also the Director General of the World Health Organization. Chan is a specialist in respiratory diseases and bird flu. Chan has done a lot of work on the health of women and children.

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