Mayajaal: …in just 7 years a clerk became the billionaire?

Mayawati's brother Anand was a normal clerk in Noida authority till 2007 and became the billionaire in just 7 years!

May 25, 2017

Anand the brother of former CM and BSP supremo Mayawati is once again in the news. He is alleged to have been in contact with Bhim Army during the Saharanpur riots. Let’s know that how a clear of Noida authority became the billionaire in just 7 years.

Cleark in Noida Authority

An inquiry report revealed that former CM Mayawati’s brother Anand Kumar was a normal cleark in Noida Authority before 2007. He continued his job till 2007 and he was far away from the media and the political headlines during his job.

More than 45 companies in 7 years

At the time of noida authority job he made a company. But during an ED investigation, it was revealed that by the year 2014, Anand had created more than 45 companies.

7 crore to 1316 crore in 7 years

According to allegations of ED and income tax, the investigation revealed that during the year 2007, Anand Kumar had assets worth about Rs 7.5 crore. But in seven years, till year 2014, Anand increased his property to Rs 1316 crore.

It is also alleged that during these seven years, there was a government of Mayawati for five years. During the investigation, Anand said that during this period, his companies had a profit of 18,000 per cent.

Billionaire from clerk and now the number two in  BSP

In his 10 years of journey, Anand became a billionaire from clerk and after that he was recently included in the BSP. He has been given the post of Secretary-General and now he is in number two position in BSP.

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