…now bull will lights to Baba’s bulb!

Baba Ramdev's company, Patanjali, working on the idea of ​​making electricity from bulls!

May 15, 2017

Baba Ramdev’s company, Patanjali, working on the idea of ​​making electricity from bulls

Patanjali Renewable Energy is working on a unique form of ‘Bull Power’ in the country. The idea of ​​generating electricity with the help of the pulling force of bulls has had some initial success in more than one and a half year research. Its purpose is to ensure that slaughterhouses are not sent to animals.

This experiment was started on the initiative of Managing Director of Patanjali and big shareholder Balkrishna. It includes one of the country’s leading multinational automobile manufacturers and a Turkish company. A prototype of this has been designed and it is being changed to generate more electricity. Those who have knowledge of this research project have said that so far this design of a turbine can get about 2.5 kW power.

Balkrishna said, “at a time when a large number of bulls are being slaughtered, we want to change the notion that bulls are not very precious.” He correctly told that Patanjali is doing research on this at his headquarters in Haridwar. He said, ‘The bullocks can be used in the fields and in the evening for electricity generation. In ancient times bulls were used to carry weapons. If using the power of their power to maximize use, they can be very useful.

Balakrishna said that the purpose of this step is to help the poor who can not spend on electricity. They said, we are researching how much power of Watt can be produced by using oxen, so that a farmer can use it for electricity in his home. We have not yet got the results according to our wish.

Patanjali will give tech to farmers keeping bulls

An executive of the company told that Patanjali would not sell electricity produced by this means. He said, “we are trying to design a design which can be given to the farmers who have bullocks.” Along with this he told that the electricity generated in this manner can easily be stored. The number of bulls in the country is declining and their share of animals is less than 30%.

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