‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ will released on 26th May!

Camera has been followed Sachin for about three and a half years to complete the film! 10 thousand hours of video footage was discovered!

May 18, 2017

A film on Sachin Tendulkar’s life ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ is ready to screen on 26th May. James Arscin has directed the film. It is being said that the camera has been followed to Sachin for about three and a half years to complete the film. They used to follow wherever Sachin used to go. During this, 10 thousand hours of video footage was discovered. Ravi and James talk about everything from the idea of ​​making this film to the screen.

This film has been made under the Ravi Bhagchandak’s ‘200 Not Out Productions’.

James Arscin said that he also used to play cricket and he is very fond of cricket. He has seen many sports films like ‘Ali’, and he came to this idea that Sachin should make such a film too. They are our real heroes. There is no one bigger than him in cricket. His story is inspiration for many people and generation.

It’s not easy to convince Sachin

They said that in 2012 we talked for the first time. It took 6 to 8 months to meet Sachin. After that, take time to persuade him. Sachin said that he is a sportsman. Acting will not happen to him. James Arscin told him about this, that we do not want you to act. We will follow you for some time and shoot some special moments. But there will be no acting. In the same situation as we would like, we have to take it in the camera. After that for three and a half years he was followed with the camera everywhere. He told that most of the time was spent in editing, about three years.

Very few fiction in the movie

He told that no biopic had come when we started shooting of this film. Neither Bhag Milkha Bhag nor Maricom were available on that time. Fiction in this film is very few. They say everyone knows Sachin, so we have taken some different angles in this movie. But he said that as a fan, I have to listen to Sachin’s story from Sachin. They think every fan will think this. Everyone wants to hear his story from him. Sachin has made all things open. After that everyone decided together what to bring in the film. He told that there was no ideological differences with Sachin. But whenever something like this happens, we used to talk.

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