….the Chandraswami? …from tantra-mantra to astrology and anonymity?

There was also saying that Chandraswami did not need an appointment to meet the Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao's. This period remained even during the short tenure of Chandrasekhar!

May 24, 2017

Chandraswami was seriously ill from last two weeks at Apollo Hospital in Delhi, but the world was came to know after he died at 66 years of age. Chandraswami, one time who was famous for having relations with powerful people of the worlds was living in anonymity for the past few years.

The story of Chandraswami came from anonymity and then remained to the center of the Indian politics for many years.

How his personality was, it can be estimated from this matter that he was considered the closest adviser to then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao of India, on the other hand he also accused of being involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi. .


Among these allegations, Chandraswami has been in the limelight due to his soft relations with the several government’s heads of the world, arms brokering and hawala business, violation of foreign currency act.

There was also saying that Chandraswami did not need an appointment to meet the Prime Minister sometime during PV Narasimha Rao’s five-year prime ministership. This period remained even during the short tenure of Chandrasekhar.

It is interesting to know that in the right middle of the Delhi-Jaipur highway, the boy from a Jain family of Bahror, reached as such high status that was running the parallel center of power.

Chandraswami’s father Dharmachand Jain used to give money on interest. The family was of Gujarat, but years before Chandraswami’s birth had come to Rajasthan and after a few years of his birth, family had settled in Hyderabad.

Regarding the early life of Chandraswami, the biography of Hira Lal Choubey explains that Nemichand (Chandraswami’s real name) did not get any education.

From his childhood, his interest was in the system of learning tantra sadana and at the age of 16, he started calling Tantric by the people. According to Hira Lal Choubey, Chandraswami first came to near Jain saint Mahopadhyaya Amar Muni. At the age of 23, he reached near Gopinath Kaviraj in Benares to practicing tantra-mantra. At the age of 26, he made the first mahayagya. In the middle of a few years he also lived in Bihar.

Tantra mantras and astrology

But according to senior journalist Ram Bahadur Rai, Chandraswami did not have any tantra-mantra nor did he have any knowledge of astrology.

Senior journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik, who is also among the Advisers of PV Narasimha Rao, says, “Chandraswami’s behavior was very good, but he had no knowledge of tantra and astrology, nor any study of these subjects.”

Regarding tantra-sadhana of Chandraswami, Ram Bahadur Rai points out, “in the period of 1965-1966, the office of the Hindustan news agency used to be in the Fire Brigade Lane of Connaught Place, where there was a news editor, Ramrup Gupt, he was a great astrologer. Chandraswami used to come to visit him with the horoscope and what Guptaji tells to Chandraswami, Chandraswami used to tell the people.

There is some other information about Chandraswami’s life. Mohan Guruswamy said the Bhavdeep Kang, author of ‘Stories of India’s Leading Babaji’,  “we used to see Chandraswami roaming outside the city college of Hyderabad.”

He has also said that Chandraswami was also working on a scrap dealer in the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam Project, then caught in a misdealing and in a few years later became the adviser swami of that time Chief Minister PV Narasimha Rao.

Close to Narasimha Rao

PV Narasimha Rao was Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh between 1971 and 1973. From Narasimha Rao time Chandraswami had become close friends. The story of Chandraswami coming in political corridors is slightly older than 1971.

Senior journalist Ram Bahadur Rai points out, “90 year old grass root leader Siddheshwar Prasad had elected from Bihar in 1962 for the Lok Sabha. At 1965-66  two boys  were in his serve quarters around. One was the Chaturbhuj Gautam who later became Chandrashekhar’s private secretary and the second was Chandraswami.

According to Ram Bahadur Rai, that period Chandraswami used to visit houses of Congress leaders, making horoscopes with Ram Gupta and slowly indulging in the commission of power and made his regime from Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

Chandraswami with a long hair, beard and yellow robe and rudraksha garland had a great impact to people.  Famous historian Patrick French wrote about Chandraswami in ‘India-A Portrait’ – “He was not a decent man, but he had the skill of winning the minds of others. He used to read the weaknesses of others, especially those people who were very powerful places, were afraid of deceiving people because of money and power. “

The main thing is that Chandraswami himself could not read or speak English, but he had a special influence on the powerful dictators of many countries of the world.

Former Foreign Minister K Natwar Singh has written in his book ‘Walking with Lions’, “I was ill in Paris in 1979-80. Chandraswami had come to see me with the personal physician of the French President at that time. He told me that he has come to meet the French President directly from Yugoslavia and French President sent his private aircraft for him. ”
In this book, Natwar Singh has also mentioned the sentence in which how Chandraswami had predicted to Margaret Thatcher to be British Prime Minister who later proved true.

Not only the British Prime Minister, but the Sultan of Brunei, the ruler of Bahrain, the President of Zaire also became a devotee of Chandraswami.

Close to weapon dealer Adnan Khashogi

One of the reasons to reach this position that Chandraswami’s  business relation with Saudi businessman, Adnan Khashogi. That made an important role in business relations for Chandraswami.

Ram Bahadur Rai says, “Chandranaswami was the only who brought Adnan Khashogi to India. The game of commissioning started in the purchase of arms and ammunition. But I also think that India’s intelligence agency Raw also used Chandraswami, because the way the access was given to them, it seems that the government has been collecting information from them for their own sake. “

Senior journalist Vijay Trivedi mentions a sentence, “Chandraswami’s mother died in 1993-94, to cover her 13th karyakaram in Bheror in Rajasthan, I was sent from Zee News, the only channel of that time.” 45 thousand people attended and there were at least 20 Bollywood stars there. “

Mediation in Ram temple case

Vijay Trivedi explains Chandraswami, “he was very controversial, but he had a form of acceptance in all the parties. When he was mediating to construction a Ram temple, he was also listening by Mulayam Singh, Narasimha Rao Even Bhairon Singh Shekhawat is also from the BJP. Such fixers in politics keep coming in time to time. “

In 1993, Chandraswami organized Som Yagna in Ayodhya for the construction of the Ram Temple. Hindus from all over the world were involved in this event.

A senior journalist, Sharad Gupta, who covered this yagna, explains, “In that period, Kohinoor was a hotel in Lucknow, the owner of that hotel was also a disciple of Chandraswami, the entire hotel was booked for these people on the call of Chandraswami.

And all the foreign monks were roaming with vodka and all of them were devotees of Chandraswami. “

The story of Pamela Bordes was revealed in 1989 that how she went to drowning in the money and sex world in the help of Chandraswami.

Pamela Bordes of the 1982 Miss India, in an interview given to ‘Daily Mail’, had told that she was working as a sexual present for Adnan Khashogi and Chandraswami.

Chandraswami had made cocktail to power, sex, weapons, money and power broking in which he had emerged as a king of fixing.

But after 1996, the bad phase of Chandraswami began and after one by one the trial began, they had to go to Tihar Jail.

Chandraswami was out of power, but his friends were present everywhere. Therefore, despite all the lawsuits, they are enjoying in the farm house built in the luxurious locality of Delhi.

Ved Pratap says referring to his intimate relationship, “He had put all his energy in wrong ways, he could do better.”

Ram Bahadur Rai says, “people will forget that sometimes Chandraswami’s status was very high but they will recall cases like Bofors, St. Kitts, violation of foreign exchange, Iran contracts weapons deal, money fraud.”

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