…the countries where Indian Money is the king?

Some of those countries where the Indian rupee falls heavily!

May 13, 2017

Those Indian who are passionate about travel but  remain skeptical on foreign travel as they think their currency is weak and they will not be able to spend. The we are giving the list of those countries whose currency is weaker than us.

There are many beautiful countries in the world where the money is  weaker than the rupee of India. If you travel to these countries then the pocket will not have to loose too much. We are telling you about 10 such countries.


Vietnam is a beautiful country. Here the status of Indian currency rupees is also very good. Here is the price of one rupee 353.80 Vietnamese Dong. Vietnam is known for its street food.


India’s Rupee is equal to Rupees 207.74 in Rupees of Indonesia. Indonesia is called a group of islands. You will also find temples of many ancient Indian deities in Indonesia. You can visit Indonesia in a few thousand rupees.


For one rupee here you get the currency of Paraguay 86.96 Guarani. If you want to do some adventure then you sure will get Paraguay.


Instead of a rupee in Cambodia, you will get 3.63 riyals. Cambodia is known for its greenery. You can feel the smell of old civilizations here.


In Mongolia, the Indian currency is well worth the rupee. Here you will get 37.60 Mongolian Tugrik in exchange for a rupee. What can be nudity, you can feel it in Mongolia only.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country. Here 8.89 Costa Rican colognes will work for one rupee. Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity. To look at ancient beaches and colorful water, you can move towards Costa Rica. Jurassic Park’s film’s suit was also here.


In Hungary, you will get a bag of goods worth Rs 4.42 in Rupees one rupee. Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. People think that going to Europe is expensive, but you can think of Hungary.


Even here the Indian currency is heavier on the rupee Krona. In Iceland you will get 1.72 kroe for one rupee. This country is known for the tormenting winter, but in the summer you can enjoy a lot of fun here.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is not an unknown country for Indiaountain and tea garden, go to Sri Lanka.. There are cultural relations between the two countries. Here you will get 2.37 Sri Lankan rupees instead of one rupee. To see the beautiful beaches, forest, m


Instead of one Rupee in India you will get 1.63 rupees in Pakistan. And Pakistan is also a neighbor.

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