…alien `Mega structure puzzle’? …scientists are in a strange dilemma?

Many astronomers believe that the light of this star dims due to 'alien mega structure'! Astronomers who give this theory believe that an alien related planet rotates around this star and draws its energy!

May 22, 2017

Although the entire universe is an absurd puzzle, but for the past some time astronomers around the world are caught in a strange dilemma. It is because of a unique star. This star is quite mysterious.

Due to this strange behavior the astronomer named it ‘Alien Mega structure’. Within a few days, the star has lost nearly 22 percent of light. In just a short span of time, astronomers are amazed by its light decreasing by 22 percent. The brightness of this star decreases from time to time. This star is located approximately 1,300 light-years away from Earth.

The official name of this star is ‘KIC 8462852’. It has surprised the scientists. The light of this star not only decreases on a regular basis, but after some time its natural glow comes back again. This kind of nature has not been seen in any other known star. Scientists are trying to understand this strange habit of this star. According to the report of National Geographic Magazine, this star was first seen in 2015.

It was first seen with the help of Kepler Space Telescope. This telescope keeps an eye on the distances coming in the brightness of distant stars. The scientists are not able to understand how the process of this star is so different from the other stars. It is not possible to guess when the star will slow down the next time.

Many astronomers are reporting this to different theories, but no interpretation has been able to explain it properly. Nobody knows why this star suddenly becomes dim and what is the rule of lightening its light. It is not even understood what happens to the star after the light becomes dim.

Some scientists say that when the comets pass through in front of this star, its light will look dim. Some people say that the planets near it have been broken and due to their broken parts, this star is not able to look properly.

Many astronomers believe that the light of this star dims due to ‘alien megastructure’. Astronomers who give this theory believe that an alien related planet rotates around this star and draws its energy.

No opinion has yet been established on any theory. Scientists and astronomers are keeping an eye on this star. It is expected that in the coming time, they will be able to move some steps towards solving this ‘Alien Megastructure’ puzzle. The possibility of solving the whole puzzle is currently looking very far.

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