…where drink alcohol is the guarantee of success!

We all know this that drinking is harmful for health but in many places it is necessary for the success! In many offices in London the employees drink alcohol in the day and also work in the office! It is not that they are addicted to alcohol! Rather, it is part of their office life!

May 16, 2017

We all know this that drinking is harmful for health. But in many places of the world it is necessary for the success.  There are many countries where people drinks alcohol like we drinks water. In many offices in London the employees drink alcohol in the day and also work in the office. It is not that they are addicted to alcohol, so drink it. Rather, it is part of their office life.

When all the staff sit together in lunch time, then they take a jam. It is believed that this creates a strong relations between employees. Anyway, it is saying that the relationship of cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol’s impact is heavy at other relations.

Changing environment

But now the time is changing in Britain too. In the month of February, a prominent insurer like Lloyds has banned liquor in lunch time. Along with this restriction, it came to be believed that drinking and dealing with business ended in the UK. But there are still many such profession where the practice of alcoholism remains in office time. Insurance agents say that they have to satisfy people to make a good deal. For this, you have to spend a lot of time with the customer. In such a way, they have to drink alcohol with them to make good relations.

According to one estimate of the British government, those who are rich people, they earn good money, they drink alcohol for five days a week. Whereas in the low income, only one in twelve will get drinks alcohol for five days a week.

One researcher says businesses like insurance, finance, stock broker, hotel industry, where people are forced to drink alcohol. Many people left their jobs because they had to drink alcohol in compulsion. This caused harm to their health.

Hanna, who lived in London, had left the job for this reason. Hana tells that she used to meet with her colleagues to make reports. When everyone used to sit together, then the wine was going on. And when the cycle started, the work was going on till it was not finished. And there was no question of refusing anyone. One, you had to keep the team happy and if you say no, then you are considered different from the team.

Apart from the other profession, the practice of drinking alcohol is also very common in the profession of law. The process of legal profession is very competitive. People are ready to do anything to move forward. The custom of drinking alcohol is also part of it.

London’s Vakil Patrick has worked in several law firms. Patrick says that an important part of his profession is ‘Business Development’, which is known as ‘BD’. The purpose of ‘BD’ is to maintain good relationships with older customers, and to find new customers. The work of alcohol in this work is very effective. Now if you have to stay in business, and bring a new customer with you, then you do not refuse to drink alcohol even if you do not want to drink. Because this is the stair of your progress. People who do not do it are lag behind in the business race.

Now things are changing with the younger generation. Now it is no longer necessary to drink alcohol to maintain business relationships. Laura Morrison, a member of Workplace Health Consultancy, says that the young breed focuses more on her career. And they do not have money to go in the bar. It is difficult for them to bear the cost of university studies. Most children study with loans. Leaving their houses and living in other cities, they do their jobs. Therefore, the cost of living their lives also increases significantly while the wage does not increase in that proportion.

Business meetings are still going the same way as it were some years ago with the wine. But now the wine has replaced with soft drinks or coconut water. This trend has been driven by the generation born from the year 1980 to the year 1999.

If the subsequent breeds also maintain this trend, then by 2025, around 75% of the people in the world will be seen drinking only in soft drinks and coconut water in the business meeting. The breeders of the drinkers will be small.

But this does not mean that alcoholism will be completely eliminated in the office hours. In each office, some people’s group will be sure that who will like to go to pub or bar in the evening after the work.

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