Wipro want to cut 10% workforce!

Wipro's 10 percent layoff goal? ...company asked to detect the poor performing employees!

May 22, 2017

Wipro, India’s third largest IT company, is going to cut its workforce by 10 percent this year. For this, the company has asked to detect the poor performing employees. Wipro currently employs 1.8 lakh people.

This project has been given the B10 code-name. Managers said that the HR department of the company had asked them to identify 10 senior employees whose performance is poor.

Recalled and resigned

Company is focusing on employees who are of middle management level and whose salary is more than Rs 10 lakh per annum. In some cases, the managers have been given a list of names of employees from whom they have to take a resignation. Not only the employees working in India, many engineers who were sent on the site were called back and they have been asked to resign.

Let’s say that in 2015, former CEO TK Kurien said during an analytics meeting in Frankfurt that Wipro is planning to reduce workforce to 47,000 in the next three years. In another interview he said that the employees of the middle management level were most affected.

Two month salary offer on resignation

Like Cognizant, Wipro is not formally withdrawing its staff nor referring to non-performance and keeping them on notice period. Managers said that the company is willingly willing to resign from the staff and instead of offering two months salary in the offer. Some employees have refused to resign, they say that if the company wants that they leave the job they also have to pay a severance package.

Those employees who have been sorted out on the basis of poor performance, say they are giving basic payment of two months. This payment is quite small compared to the number of years they have given to the company. Some employees, while sharing their previous performance told that they were being given good ratings till last year, then suddenly how they were included in the list of poor performers.

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